Some of you may know who I am and some may not

My name is Don. Some of you may know who I am and some may not. I'm just starting to learn how to ride. I had a 2007 49cc pocket bike 2-stroke 3 years ago that I got really comfortable riding on. So, after I outgrew that, I got on an R1.  Now, I can't wait to rip the living sh*t out of you 600cc riders. I feel untouchable when I'm on this thing. It's power like no other. But I would like to learn more than what I have done so far. So, please everyone... Give me any advice ,Motorcycle Mirrors that can help me be even faster, do wheelies, maybe even outrun those stupid@ss cops.




Aside from that, I hope to get help from some of you and maybe someday even meet some members in person.

12.11.10 08:56


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