Depending on your vehicle

Depending on your vehicle, Auto Headlights Bulbs can be a sealed beam or a bulb type. The sealed beam requires you to buy a new entire headlight for replacement, which includes the bulb outside as well as the glass and metal casing. A bulb type requires you to remove the old bulb from inside the engine compartment and replace the bulb only. The bulb type has six subcategories of bulbs within it. There are standard Auto Headlights Bulbs that are most often used. Cool blue and blue vision versions produce a whiter light than a standard bulb. There are also xenon bulbs that produce 30 percent brighter light, and the xenon ultra produces 50 percent brighter light than standard bulbs. Argon and krypton make up a long life bulb, which should last 50 percent longer than a standard bulb. The purpose of heavy-duty bulbs is to last longer in commercial vehicles which use higher voltages.


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