Some of you may know who I am and some may not

My name is Don. Some of you may know who I am and some may not. I'm just starting to learn how to ride. I had a 2007 49cc pocket bike 2-stroke 3 years ago that I got really comfortable riding on. So, after I outgrew that, I got on an R1.  Now, I can't wait to rip the living sh*t out of you 600cc riders. I feel untouchable when I'm on this thing. It's power like no other. But I would like to learn more than what I have done so far. So, please everyone... Give me any advice ,Motorcycle Mirrors that can help me be even faster, do wheelies, maybe even outrun those stupid@ss cops.




Aside from that, I hope to get help from some of you and maybe someday even meet some members in person.

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For other uses, see Fuse.

For other uses, see Fuse.


In electronics and electrical engineering a fuse (from the Latin "fusus" meaning to melt) is a type of sacrificial overcurrent protection device. Its essential component is a metal wire or strip that melts when too much current flows, which interrupts the circuit in which it is connected. Short circuit, overload or device failure is often the reason for excessive current.



A fuse interrupts excessive current (blows) so that further damage by overheating or fire is prevented. Wiring regulations often define a maximum fuse current rating for particular circuits. Overcurrent protection devices are essential in electrical systems to limit threats to human life and property damage. Auto Fuse are selected to allow passage of normal current and of excessive current only for short periods.



In 1847, Breguet recommended use of reduced-section conductors to protect telegraph stations from lightning strikes; by melting, the smaller wires would protect apparatus and wiring inside the building. [1] A variety of wire or foil fusible elements were in use to protect telegraph cables and lighting installations as early as 1864 [2]



A fuse was patented by Thomas Edison in 1890 [3] as part of his successful electric distribution system.


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Depending on your vehicle

Depending on your vehicle, Auto Headlights Bulbs can be a sealed beam or a bulb type. The sealed beam requires you to buy a new entire headlight for replacement, which includes the bulb outside as well as the glass and metal casing. A bulb type requires you to remove the old bulb from inside the engine compartment and replace the bulb only. The bulb type has six subcategories of bulbs within it. There are standard Auto Headlights Bulbs that are most often used. Cool blue and blue vision versions produce a whiter light than a standard bulb. There are also xenon bulbs that produce 30 percent brighter light, and the xenon ultra produces 50 percent brighter light than standard bulbs. Argon and krypton make up a long life bulb, which should last 50 percent longer than a standard bulb. The purpose of heavy-duty bulbs is to last longer in commercial vehicles which use higher voltages.


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Korea’s exports of industrial parts and materials surged to a record high in the first quarter thank

Korea’s exports of industrial parts and materials surged to a record high in the first quarter thanks to greater global competitiveness and Chinese demand, a government report said yesterday.


The report by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy said the nation’s exports jumped 54.8 percent on-year to $51.7 billion, marking the highest-ever quarterly tally.


It was the first time since 1994, when the government started compiling figures in this sector, that parts and materials made up more than half of all industrial goods shipped out in a three-month period.


In the January-March period, the country’s overall exports of manufactured goods increased 36.3 percent from a year ago to $101.4 billion as the worldwide economy showed signs of bouncing back from sluggish growth.


Imports of parts rose 37.5 percent from the previous year to $34.0 billion for a record quarterly trade surplus of $17.7 billion.


The ministry attributed the rise in the exports to strong overseas demand for auto parts, semiconductors and other electronic components.


Memory chip exports rose 179.9 percent on-year, while Auto Parts moved up 110.0 percent. Outbound shipments of car engines and integrated circuit semiconductors grew by triple digits.


The latest report showed the country posting a trade surplus with most countries, although its chronic deficit with Japan increased to $5.6 billion from $4.3 billion in the first quarter of last year. The trade surplus with China in this sector, meanwhile, doubled to $11.5 billion from the year before, as Beijing maintained its economic policy of fueling its domestic economy and spurring industrial production.


During the reported period, the Korean parts industry posted a trade surplus of $2.3 billion with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, while its trade surplus with the United States and European countries reached $600 million and $100 million, respectively.

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